Technology to produce viscose in a closed-loop system that doesn't hurt people and the environment already exists. Our Roadmap sets out a number of principles that provide a blueprint for fashion brands and retailers to sign up to/adopt and encourage their suppliers to move towards best practices by 2023-25.

Key Requirements

To come on board with this transformation, we've been asking brands to engage with their viscose suppliers and make sure they are able to do the following:


Provide all required environmental permits


Comply with relevant national and local environmental regulations


Implement plans for appropriate chemical management systems, including waste water treatment and measures to prevent emissions into the air


Commit to moving towards closed-loop production


Protect workers and local inhabitants from exposure to dangerous chemicals


Set energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals


Remediate damage to the environment surrounding factories


Regularly monitor and verify

What do brands need to do to ensure this happens?

Regularly monitor and verify how supplier policies are being actioned through:

  • Third-party monitoring and verification
  • Regular reviews to ensure suppliers practises are aligning with their commitments

Be transparent about how brands are fixing the problems:

  • Transparently disclose progress made towards closed-loop production
  • Report on how their suppliers are addressing the risks in their supply chain
  • Take a proactive approach to restoring compliance within the supply chain

Brands and producers:


Take a look at our roadmap towards responsible viscose for information on how you can move towards a closed loop system, too.

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Brand categorisation

See which brands are leading the transition to responsible viscose and which are lagging behind.

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We’ve made it easy for you to brush up on the need for responsible viscose by compiling our latest reports on the issue, here.

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